Knotanew Bookstore was established in 1991, in Peterborough Ontario. Located at the corner of Sherbrooke and George, we have an extensive collection of paperback fiction of all genres. Our collection also includes a large selection of children’s pictures books and novels, young adult fiction, history, biographies, graphic novels and manga, as well as much more.

This website was established to show a range of Knotanew’s stock but primarily collectable or highly sought after titles. The majority of the titles listed here are kept off our main shelves to avoid damage that might occur from regular handling. 



We offer store credit and cash for used books. Credit and cash value is assessed at the store and is based upon our selling price. Your credit can then be used towards covering up to half of your purchase. Any credit remaining after your purchase is filed at the store and can be used on your next visit.

For large collections or estate sales, please contact us at the store (listed below and on our Contact page).

For more information or clarification on our credit policy, feel free to send us a message through our Contact page or phone us at the store (705) 876-0190.


Do you accept debit?

We accept cash, debit, credit, Mastercard, and Visa. 


Do you do house calls/off location buying?

Knotanew can make house calls for estate and library sales, as well as large specialized collections. This depends on the distance needed to travel, as well as what kind of books. It is best if you are familiar with the books if it is a large collection. Some questions we would likely ask are:  is it mostly one type of book or subject? Were the books well stored? How were these books acquired (family, estate, donations, etc.) Appointments can be made through our Contact page, by email or phone.


What sort of books are you looking for?

We are always looking for every kind of book, to meet the needs of every kind of reader but we always want clean (free of any odor or stains) well stored books. Light wear to the cover and some underscoring is okay. If the book is in such dubious condition that you wouldn’t regift it, it probably is not worth bringing in want it.

We do not accept magazines, textbooks, encyclopedia sets, books without dust jackets or books stored in basements or other location which would allow them to become mildewy. We do not take in any non-book items (records, CDs, VHS, etc).


How much do you pay for books?

Because the condition of a book is so important, it is not possible for us to give an accurate estimate of what we can offer you for a large amount of books. Assessment of books must be done in store.


Do you take request for books?

Yes! If there is a particular book you are looking for that has proven to be elusive, or a collection that you are trying to find the last fews books of, let us know through our email (, or contact us at the store ((705) 876-0190). If you have an extensive list you are looking for, please feel free to email us.  If we find what you are looking for, we will contact you through email or by phone.